Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DDT 3 -- Free Cloth Diaper Patterns

Here are free downloadable patterns for anyone who wants to try their hand at make a few diapers.  Everything from AIOs, pocket diapers, contours, fitteds, and covers!

Rita's Rump Pocket Diaper - (patterns for covers, AIOs, contours, and more also available)
Little Comet Tails Not so Flat Wrap (I have personally used this pattern as a contour diaper and used it a starting point to create my own covers and AIOs.  It has a very generous cut, which is great as a contour.  For covers and AIOs, I have to trim it down in the crotch and/or lengthen the pattern for the best fit.)
Wee Weka Pocket Nappy (My personal favorite.  It didn't start fitting that well as a pocket diaper until my son was about 4 months old as the rise was too high.  Now that it does, it's a very nice slim fitting diaper even with night time stuffings.  I did, however, use the pattern to make a diaper cover with an adjustable rise, and it was the only cover I had the fit well for newborn use.  It still fits great even now.)

Come back next week for my favorite DIY cloth diaper supplies and suppliers!