Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: $5 Organic Baby Clothes

I bought a few winter outfits over the holidays at WalMart.  The baby Faded Glory stuff is $5 (some of it $4 on clearance).  They have khakis, jeans, long sleeve dress shirts and thermal shirts.  Don't go by the size info on the tag because it says they run small, but they actually run a size larger.  

My almost 12 month old son is 30" tall and about 25 pounds. The 12 month shirts fit him like a normal shirt and the 18 months are a little big.  I didn't try the 12 month pants because his cloth diapers are poofy, but the 18 month pants have a little growing room without being overwhelming even with disposables.  The 24 month pair of pants I bought him was so long (fit more like a 2t or 3t in other brands) that it needed serious hemming, and the waist is pretty big but not so much that they fall off with normal movement.  What partly threw me off was that most baby clothes shrink A LOT, but these didn't shrink that much.  Other pluses:  they're supposedly 70-100% organic cotton depending on the item, they aren't made in China.

The selection isn't huge, but you can't beat the price (especially for organic) if you're looking for a few basics for your baby's wardrobe that you'll be able to mix and match with other clothing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something New on Fridays!

Starting soon, Cool Mom's Blog will posting a baby product review on Fridays in a segment called The Friday Review.  Find out what products this first time mom loved, hated, and used the most to make figuring out what "stuff" you really need easier.