About Cool Mom

Naomi Deal, aka Cool Mom, is a graduate of Wesleyan College. She majored in music, minored in art, and has had a passion for creativity ever since childhood. As a musician, she has been a part of many productions, concerts, and recitals, even going as far as Italy. She also spent years giving private music and art lessons in the greater Atlanta area.

When Naomi found out she was pregnant in June 2009, she knew she wanted a career change. After she held her son, she knew she had found her true calling and renewed her efforts to find work that would allow her to be the mother she wanted to be. With her desire to stay home, previous experience with self-employment, the knowledge she gained researching child-related topics during pregnancy, the knowledge she continually gains from day to day life with her son, and her long-time love for writing, freelancing and professional blogging was the best fit. Naomi started this blog as part of a long term project called Cool Mom Publishing. Cool Mom Publishing is the umbrella organization for a web syndicate consisting of several blogs and content sites dedicated to motherhood and women's issues.

Some of Naomi's other projects include patenting her super cool inventions to make the modern mom's life easier, and making her pumpkin patch grow. She hopes to have pumpkins to carve, bake into pies, and sell this fall. Naomi is very excited about carving her first Jack-o-Lantern with Davie.