Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DDT 1 -- How to fold prefold diapers

This is my first installment of Diaper Duty Tuesday (DDT) where I'll be discuss cloth diapering how-to's, tips, patterns for sewing your own diapers and covers, and everything else related to cloth diapers!  Today I'm tackling the mysteries of the prefold which is simultaneously the simplest and most intimidating cloth diaper, but they are a wonderfully economical cloth diapering choice that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of sizes regardless of the size of the prefold.  In fact, I'm still using preemie size prefold diapers on my 20-pound, 5-month old son, and he still has some use left.  The biggest issue with them now is not the fit but that the amount of cloth is becoming insufficient for his super soaking capabilities.

Many people, especially grandparents and other part-time caregivers, are turned by prefolds because they don't understand how to make them fit the baby.  There are a few different approaches to putting on prefold diapers, and I've tried several.  Of the methods I've tried, this one gives the slimmest fit and most protection against dirty diaper blowouts.  I've leakage problems with other fold styles, but the only time I've ever had a mess with this one is when  he decided to go for round two during the diaper change!

Folding prefolds with a fastener

1)  Lay the cloth diaper flat under the baby with the top edge at the desired waist height.

2)  Fold the portion in front of the baby in thirds so that the hugs baby's bottom snugly.

3)  Lift the folded part over the baby's front.

4)  Fan open the top of the diaper over your little one's belly.

5)  Fold down if there is too much excess cloth at the top.  If it's a little too high, you can tuck it down under the diaper cover.

6)  Fasten with pins or Snappi if desired.

7)  Put on the diaper cover.  Make sure all the diaper is tucked inside the cover or you'll end up with leaks.

It looks like a lot of steps, but it goes quickly once you've done it!

Folding prefolds without a fastener

It's easier to lay the cloth diaper and cover under the baby at the same time if you aren't using a pin.  Make sure the edges are even before you place them under baby's bottom (refer to picture #2 above) and follow the same steps as outlined above.

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