Saturday, July 17, 2010

Play Date

Last Thursday my son had a play date with a buddy he's known since the womb.  Ben is about 8 weeks older than my Davie.  The last time they saw each other was 2 months ago, and how it makes a difference!  At 3 months, Davie was tiny compared to 5-month old Ben.  Now 5 months old, Davie is taller and definitely fatter than 7-month old Ben.  My son is a little fatty!

Even though he sees other babies at the church nursery, his reaction was very different.  Part of the reason for that is because being in the nursery usually puts him in a coma for some reason.

During their reunion they kept smiling, holding each hands, and trying to grab each other's faces.  It's amazing how at this age they already know how to distinguish their peers and have an innate desire to interact with them.

(Please pardon the cleavage.  Davie had pulled my 
dress, and my brother, who was filming, doesn't notice 
my cleavage and didn't realize he was videoing it.)

My son is also learning from his brief time with the older boy.  In one afternoon, he picked up Ben's squealing chatter, filed it away in his brain, and surprised me with it the next day.  Who says babies can't pay attention and remember?

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